Separate Placing Booms

Separate placing booms are used in conjunction with stationary or line pumps in applications where structures are complex, exceptionally high or do not have sufficient space for mobile boom pumps to work.  Placed on tubular columns and crane masts, they can climb from floor to floor, enabling quick and efficient concrete placement.

Specialised Concrete Pumping, our specialist placing boom and stationery pump division, has an extensive range of separate placing booms and associated tower and pipeline equipment available to service a range of projects. 

SPB 50m SPB 39 - 41m SPB 32 - 36m 31-28-26- 25-23-22-21m Manual Distributor Boom
SPB 50

The only company in Australia to be able to offer separate placing booms longer than 39m, our two booms certainly fit the application. With 50+ metres of net reach and free standing on Liebherr crane towers the possibilities are endless.
Schwing DVMK 50M


SPB 39 - 41

State of the art new “Generation 1 Schwing Placing booms” now offer extra reach while being able to free stand. With greater free standing height and no counter weight required . This style of placing boom has taken place on jobs where previously two towers may have been required. This boom arm package may also be split into two pieces to assist with crane loadings if required.

To Download a Specification Data sheet please select the following links.

Schwing 39m.pdf

SPB 32 - 36

The original 32m placing booms still prove to be as versatile and popular as ever. Offering either the DVM 32m (32m of net reach) with counter weight required or the KVM 32m (28m horizontal reach) with no counter weight, these are the ideal all rounder for high rise placement.
Schwing DVM 32M, Schwing KVM 32M.

To Download a Specification Data sheet please select the following links.


SPB 31 -28 -26-25-23-22-21

Perfect for high rise application where the boom is required to be  moved from column to column or placed on top of a jump for wall pours. These boom packages offer low lifting weights for sites with poor crane capacity.

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Manual Distributor Boom

RVM12's are Not commonly seen in Australia. The manual distributor is used on building were the budget may not allow for a placing boom or the structure does not allow for the loading of a placing boom. These booms have a net reach of 24metres. The site crane is used to reposition the distributor, therefore it only necessary to lengthen or shorten the delivery line.

To Download a Specification Data sheet please select the following links.

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