Concrete Pumping and Quality
Quality Stand Out

Quality Assurance is a paramount and integral to Meales’ focus on providing the safest and most reliable service within the concrete pumping industry.  Customers want equipment that will not let them down and operators who are competent in what they do. 

To keep equipment in prime operating condition, we administer and maintain a dedicated and on-going program of scheduled maintenance.  Our full-time mechanics and workshop personnel have particular training in heavy vehicles and hydraulics and are focused on preventative action.  Our maintenance workshops are fully fitted with all the necessary tools, parts and testing devices to maintain all our equipment to the highest standard.

All aspects of our maintenance program comply with the Australian Concrete Pumping Code of Practice and Australian Standard AS2550 Part 15.  In addition, the Meales Group is certified to NHVAS National heavy haulage (see information on this page).

Our fully qualified operators hold all appropriate and relevant licences, tickets and certificates for their areas of responsibility and undergo pre-employment medicals, drug-tests and skills assessment.

Quality Policy Statement

The Meales Group’s aim is to provide high quality and efficient concrete pumping services to customers at all times.  To achieve this, we will:

  • manage our operation in compliance with relevant legislation, standards, codes and internal procedures;
  • regularly review performance and implement corrective and preventative actions that will contribute to improving the quality of our operation across all areas;
  • develop and implement ‘prevention based’ systems and controls through strict equipment maintenance programs, safework initiatives and operator training to enhance risk awareness and improve risk management;
  • provide information and training at all levels in the organisation to enable all employees to understand and adhere to quality practices and procedures within their areas of responsibility; and
  • require subcontractors to operate in a responsible manner and adhere to our quality practices and procedures.

The Meales Group has established a Quality Management System based on the Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 to assist us in achieving our commitment to customers of service excellence in all areas of our operation. 

Every Meales’ employee has the responsibility for implementing the Quality Management System to ensure that the company’s objectives are met.

The Meales Group will provide on request our Site Quality Plan.  Please use our ‘CONTACT US’ form to have a copy emailed to you.

National Heavy Haulage

National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) is a voluntary alternative to conventional heavy vehicle enforcement. Meales Group must demonstrate that their vehicles and drivers comply with standards set by the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme through regular audits of our transport management systems and vehicle or driver assessments. The National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme is intended to increase transport efficiency by reducing the costs of compliance and allowing members greater flexibility in the management of their transport business.

The objectives of the mass and maintenance management modules are to:

  • improve efficiency for scheme members by reducing the impact of conventional regulatory enforcement
  • raise levels of compliance for non-accredited operators through more effective deployment of enforcement resources
  • improve road safety
  • increase the productivity of the transport industry through adoption of 'good' management practices
  • allow higher mass limits to be introduced in a responsible way.

Additional information about the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme is available on the National Transport Commission ( )* website.


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