Concrete Pumping and the Environment
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Meales Group is highly committed to the environment and the impacts concrete and by-products can have on the local flora and fauna.

To minimise the release of contaminants and waste concrete into the environment, we have several purpose built depots fitted with oil separation systems and modern filtration and recycling water washout facilities for our mobile concrete pumps. 

In addition, we have engineered and implemented an environmentally-friendly water washout system for use on high-rise and high pressure long ground-line pours.  Key features include:

  • small amounts of waste concrete remaining;
  • filtration and recycling of the waste water which, being high in PH, would ordinarily impact on our local waterways;
  • elimination of sediment and contaminants from entering storm water or sewerage systems.

For more information on our water washout system, please watch the video on this page.

Environmental Policy

Meales Group is committed to maintaining our Environmental Management System to AS/NZ ISO 14001.  Key initiatives to achieve this include:

  • Setting objectives and targets that define the reduction of impacts on the environment through conducting risk assessments and hazard analysis;
  • managing our operations in compliance with applicable legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice that minimise any adverse impact on the environment;
  • conserving resources, minimising waste and seeking continual improvement of processes to protect the environment;
  • communicating with our employees, customers, suppliers, sub-contractors and the community on environmental issues;
  • providing appropriate training for awareness and education for our people on environmental issues and specifically to individuals with environmental responsibilities.

For our business and project site activities, we will:

  • establish environmental management plans in liaison with our customers (and subcontractors as applicable) that set out the responsibilities and processes to minimise impact;
  • ensure all work practices comply with our environmental management system and legislative obligations;
  • conduct appropriate monitoring and evaluation to ensure the environmental compliance and obligations are achieved with respect to our operations;
  • require subcontractors to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and adhere to relevant environmental requirements;
  • regularly review performance, identify and implement corrective and preventative actions that contribute to continually improving the environmental performance of our operations.

We recognise that all employees have a major role to play in protecting the quality of our environment.  As such, to achieve our environmental policy commitments, Meales will actively provide for, encourage and support training in environmental issues and sustainability with respect to the concrete pumping industry.

The Meales Group understands that environmental conservation is an important issue for the wider community.  We recognise the importance of maintaining a high standard of environmental care in conducting our activities.  Whether we are designing and supplying, manufacturing, installing, constructing, commissioning or maintaining, our management commits to minimising pollution and contributing towards a sustainable future by operating our facilities in a manner that reaches a balance between environmental, technical, economic and social objectives.

The Meales Group will provide on request our Site Environmental Plan.  Please use the ‘CONTACT US’ form if you would like a copy emailed to you.


Environmental Water Washout Video


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